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SIA Door Supervisor Full course

Service Overview

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to get a SIA Door Supervisor License & work in the security industry as a door supervisor or security guard. The course is based on up-to-date SIA specification for learning and qualifications and is supported by Skills for Security, this is the standards setting body for the security industry and the SIA, which regulates the private security industry.

Obtaining the Level 2 Door Supervisor qualification will allow you to apply for a SIA Door Supervisor License. With a valid SIA Door Supervisor License, you are permitted to work in a wide variety of environments. From Static Sites, Retail to working the doors in Bars / Night Clubs.

Security professionals who have a door supervisor license can also carry out other activities, for example work as security guards, keyholders & Events.

If you are looking to work as a Door Supervisor, this is the perfect qualification for you.

Key Information:

Price: £320 

Duration: 6 days

Typical Day: 9am – 6pm | Including 1 Hour Break 

Location: EU SECURITY Training Centre | LE1 2LB

Benefits: Free 3 Exam Resits | Free Parking | Free Snacks & Drinks | Free Wi-Fi | Access to Onsite Break Room

Eligibility: 18 + years, valid Emergency first Aid Certificate – Mandatory Requirement for SIA License & English to a Level 1 standard.


4 Multiple Choice Question Examinations

Exam Resits:

3 FREE Exam Resits for all students

Applying For a SIA License: Having a criminal record doesn’t always stop you from getting an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license. They look at each case individually, considering the type and seriousness of the offense, how long ago it happened, and whether you’ve shown any evidence of rehabilitation. You can use the SIA Criminal Record Indicator to see whether you will pass the criminality checks.

SIA License valid for: 3 years

How much you can earn? £10 – £15+ per hour


 We provide a full refund if you cancel the course within 24 Hours of Booking the course.

Additional Costs:

SIA License Fee: £184 however if you already hold a license the cost for your second license is half price (£92).

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